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McCain’s injuries limit computer use

Ed Morrissey explains why Senator McCain isn’t a wiz on a computer. Makes sense and shows poor judgement by the Obama camp. Well, that or an appalling lack of online research skills. Don’t expect any apologies though. “I’m sorry” isn’t in Senator Obama’s repertoire.

More here.

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7 thoughts on “McCain’s injuries limit computer use

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  2. This has been slowly trickling out into the MSM the past couple days. I think it was the LA Times that carried it yesterday, and I’ve seen it in a few other places as well. Regardless if McCain can type or not is somewhat irrelevant. What IS relevant is that it brings to light that the Obama campaign has no idea what its doing. And I think that has caused questions in people’s minds, and absolute panic in the Obama supporters. I’ve seen EVERY single one of them trying to “armchair quarterback” when it comes to what he needs to do. But its in vain. They aren’t even taking advice from Democratic strategists. Phone calls from these people aren’t being returned.
    I’ll tell you who COULD have helped Obama win:
    James Carville. He may be a serpent head, but the man IS incredibly effective.

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  4. Are you insane, insatiable?? Are you one of those mindless Barry-Krishnas that I see over at Huff Po who can’t stop talking about Palin and how the sky is going to fall any minute now?

    Your candidate is a low life thug who has tried to run his campaign based on celebrity with no substance. But the American people are paying attention now, you see. And that is why your tiny Messiah is slipping in the states he needs to win. Good god, the idiot has to have “training wheels” in public speaking by sitting his teleprompter up in the middle of a rodeo!!

    Grow up and wake up and try to understand that it is not the governments place to take care of your every need. DO something for yourselves instead of expecting people who HAVE done something for themselves to take care of you!

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