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Race and The Race

Before the issue of race rears its ugly head again, consider how far we have come. On August 30 Fride Ghitis writing for World Politics Review gave it a mention in her well considered piece about the recent improvement in relations between Europe and the U.S. This line in particular regarding the European perspective on the presidential race deserves special mention.

Millions have fallen into the Obama trance or become passionate about Hillary, even while confessing with a mix of shame and admiration that voters here would not have allowed a non-white candidate to make it this far.

Despite all the shouts and pointed fingers, we’ve outdone our European cousins. America has forged ahead in a way few countries can claim.

After half a decade of anger, Europeans are again starting to like their American cousin.

Yet the far left and its minions in the media would have us believe we are despised by the world community. That we are viewed by all as backward, illiterate and racist is a lie. America is unique with a rich heritage of opportunity, strength and generosity. Do not let the leftist elite make you think less of yourself and this great country. It is a lie intended only to enhance the stature and power of the people who promote it.

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One thought on “Race and The Race

  1. I have to admit that we have alienated Europe with our foreign policy under the Bush administration. Even my pro USA friends in Germany and the Netherlands have said that the US does come off as being arrogant in many regards.

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