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MSM Evolves Into NMM (Niche Market Media)

Kathleen made this comment to The MSM’s Headlong Slide into Irrelevancy post:

The public has always known to a point that mainstream media is biased, but I don’t think ever in history has it come out in this kind of blatant fashion.

The MSM has been in the tank for Obama from the get-go but to give credit where it is due, the media have been greatly enabled by the vitriolic blogosphere as well as celebrity endorsements. All that love and support just goes to the head and makes one feel invincible. Errors in judgment are bound to follow. Just ask any teenager or even former teenager on that score.

History may judge the press harshly for abandonment of principles or it may declare the current state an evolutionary step. Indeed, catering to a niche market may be the only way the MSM can survive. Call it NMM for Niche Market Media. That is our likely future.

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6 thoughts on “MSM Evolves Into NMM (Niche Market Media)

  1. Right now, I am just STUNNED with the fact that not ONE major media outlet is following up on the story about Obama trying to delay the troops coming home. I’ll link to the story at hotair, but most conservative sites have something about it.

    People, please, please, this story has to get out somehow to the public. And since the MSM is not going to do it, then its OUR responsibility to do it. Write your congressmen, senators, hound the media. Let everyone you know hear about this.


  2. I read this great op-ed piece yesterday about why the media has become desperate. Along with the Obama campaign, the media really thought that he was going to win. Now that theres a pretty good chance McCain will win, they realize that if McCain DOES win they are going to be completely shut out. McCain is taking his message AROUND the media, directly to the public. And he will do the exact same if he gets elected. Besides the immense damage to the media’s reputation, not being able to get direct access with those in the White House is going to be a HUGE hit to their industry.

  3. Obama’s meeting with Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari was covered by FOXNews.com at http://tinyurl.com/6zaqlw. The McCain camp jumped on it immediately, too, and isn’t likely to drop it unless there is a good reason. With all eyes on the economy, it might not get full traction yet but it should in due course.

  4. Thanks for the tip. Certainly a complex issue but simple in terms of whether or not Obama tried to interfere. Either he did or he didn’t. However, the Obama camp response was, shall we say, strong and defensive so that does give one pause.

    Call me a cynic but I have doubts we will ever know the truth. Still voters ought to know the facts and draw their own conclusions. The more coverage this story gets the better.

  5. Thinking about it now, I don’t WANT this story to become an issue just yet. Theres too much other commotion going on with Wall Street in the news. I want that to simmer down, and then have this story put up front and center. There is an ad going up about this, so at least that will get the issue out there.

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