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McCain needs to attack Obama on Fannie Mae

David Frum has sorted this out but McCain needs to hammer it home. Here’s a simple approach for a commercial that ought to be running now.

Since 2002 John McCain has fought the forces that led to the troubles at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. By contrast Barack Obama asked its former CEO to help him find a Vice Presidential nominee.

John McCain fought them. Barack Obama cozied up to them. Which candidate has done more to protect the American people?

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4 thoughts on “McCain needs to attack Obama on Fannie Mae

  1. Apparently he is. There is a new ad out about it. Whats funny is that the Washington Post is panicking because it was THEM who gave the McCain campaign the story.

  2. Yeah, it pretty much is. I mean, what can they say?? They are saying that McCain’s ad is a “stretch,” but no matter how they try and spin it it still shows the reality that their reporting was shoddy. And of course you have the far left saying that the new McCain ad is racist. Why? Because (you guessed it) Raines is black.

    See, this is what shows me that the internal polls are showing Obama is in alot more trouble than what the public ones are showing. Because when the race card gets tossed out, its an act of desperation. He was SUPPOSED to be way ahead by now, but he isn’t. Public polls show a tie, but something tells me thats not the way things are really tilted.

  3. You are probably right about the internal polls. The campaign’s actions are a dead giveaway that they have a great deal of concern.

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