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Pelosi and Reid – Republican Assets?

Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid might just be two of the best assets the Republicans have considering the decline of the Democrat’s brand. But don’t take my word for it. Andrew Cline, editorial page editor of the New Hampshire Union Leader, writes in “Pelosi and Reid Blew It

This election year should have produced a Democratic sweep of historic proportions, delivering the White House and massive majorities in the House and Senate. But thanks to the incompetence of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, Republicans might pull a respectable showing.

It is getting harder and harder to see the duo benefiting Democratic candidates in any significant way. Does that justify pulling a disappearing act till after the election? Voters might disagree with Congress taking a vacation during a crisis especially when Republicans showed a willingness to tough it out in D.C. over the summer. But no doubt the Democratic leadership knows best.

Still if Pelosi and Reid want time in front of the cameras, it’s a safe bet the Republicans will take all the help they can get.

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One thought on “Pelosi and Reid – Republican Assets?

  1. Pelosi, Reid AND Charlie Rangel. Earlier today Rangel made the wonderful comment in regards to Palin, “You have to be kind to the disabled.” Nice!! And alot of disabled people are pretty mad about it.
    Lets see….

    Disabled people
    the elderly
    religious people
    gun owners
    Ohio Buckeye fans

    Who else are they going to piss off??

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