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Poll: Should Congress Bail Out Wallstreet?

Put in your 2¢. Congress.org has a poll up at http://tinyurl.com/39zuvx asking


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3 thoughts on “Poll: Should Congress Bail Out Wallstreet?

  1. I’m giving up on this election. Today I have sat and watched Obama claim credit for the revisions in this bill and McCain is MIA. He could have nailed Obama and the Democrats to the wall, but instead he missed opportunity after opportunity. I’m tired of fighting against the MSM for a candidate who won’t even bother to fight for himself or his party.
    I’m definitely not voting for Obama, but I will vote 3rd party.

  2. AP reported…

    “While McCain is not on a Senate committee involved with the financial crisis, he said Sunday he rushed back to Washington because he was not going to “phone in” his advice.

    “I’m a Teddy Roosevelt Republican. I’ve got to get in the arena when America needs it,” McCain said.

    Republicans generally have said his participation helped prod the agreement. Democrats countered that his presence had little effect on the outcome and may have even delayed a deal.”

    McCain just isn’t getting coverage. Nothing new about that though he was on ABC’s “This Week.” Look for parties to the negotiations to reveal McCain’s contribution to the final bill.

    Obama’s claim of daily talking on the phone to Paulsen doesn’t impress me in the least. I doubt it will anyone but his base. His focus is the campaign. McCain’s focus shifted to the issues facing Congress. McCain took action. Obama took phone calls.

    One caveat: If the bailout does not go well, McCain may be able to distance himself from it if he plays it cool now. Note that the vast majority of Americans are opposed to the bailout so we shall see how things turn out.

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