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McCain, Obama and Governing Styles

McCain took action. Obama took phone calls. It’s that simple.

This has nothing to do with who is right or wrong or who had the best ideas regarding the Wall Street bailout. The events of the last few days just make it more obvious what we can expect from the candidates’ different approaches. Acting/negotiating vs. talking/thinking.

Even in the debate two days ago, the different approaches were plain. McCain reminds us of what he did and Obama reminds us of what he said. McCain is a man of action. Obama is a man of words. No wonder the Dems fear a McCain presidency for surely it means things will get done and not just discussed.

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8 thoughts on “McCain, Obama and Governing Styles

  1. Honest to god, I am so angry at the Republicans right now!! WHY aren’t they getting out there and telling HOW this all happened and WHO is responsible?? Jesus. The Dems are on tv blatantly LYING! And everyone knows it! But no one, no one is calling them on it!

  2. Hey, the Dems have gotten their message out quite easily given the willingness of the media to give them air time. Still I am not convinced most Republicans are entirely behind the bill. It really does go against the conservative philosophy of less government. Many independent voters are like-minded so the lack of self-promotion or taking credit for the bailout may play very well.

    Partisan Pelosi couldn’t even say the word “Republican” in her announcement about the final bill a few minutes ago. This woman rules with an iron fist and the media is surely intimidated enough to give her what she wants. In this case it could be just what the Republicans need.

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  4. The Republicans held a press conference. They said …. basically NOTHING!! And McCain was nowhere in sight.
    I don’t think the Republicans have ANY kind of clue how angry people are. If you just look around the conservative blogs, you’ll see. And this passivity, mixed with people’s anger along with the Dems blatant lying is going to cost them this election.

  5. Powerline has a great rundown of the evolution of the bailout bill and what the Republicans gained. http://www.powerlineblog.com/archives2/2008/09/021634.php

    Nothing will stop Partisan Pelosi and her minions from lying, misrepresenting, blaming, vilifying, etc. Nothing will stop voters from buying the package if that is what they WANT to believe. I’m sure Dems would say something similar about Republicans. What really counts is what the independent and undecided voters think at this point and come election day. Polls indicate they remain undecided and as Yogi once said, “It ain’t over till it’s over.”

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