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Obama, the First Amendment and Censorship

There is great cause for concern about the future of the First Amendment under an Obama presidency. Powerline has the facts on Obama’s efforts to intimidate Missouri television stations by threatening criminal prosecution if they run anti-Obama ads.

Add to that strong-arm tactic MSM censorship in the blogosphere. Darke Blog and Gateway Pundit have evidence that ABC News on its Political Punch blog is removing anti-Obama posts.

Then there is Partisan Pelosi’s intention to revive the Fairness Doctrine limiting free speech for “radio talk show hosts and much of the new alternative media.”

This is chilling and telling evidence that dissenting opinions are at risk and that we are at the precipice of a very, very slippery slope.

Update: Little Green Footballs is on the case, too.

More: Bloomberg.com/Ann Woolner: Silencing Critics Using the Barack Obama Method

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