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Even liberals now doubt Speaker Pelosi

Partisan Pelosi is finally becoming recognized as Toxic Pelosi even on the left side of the aisle. Pin the tail on the donkey!

Katie Allison Granju of KnoxNews.com makes the case in her post “Pelosi needs to go” and she does that despite being in agreement with Pelosi’s 95% of the time. She ties removing Pelosi to improving “the mean-spirited and debilitating partisan malaise that seems to have settled over our Congress.” Indeed.

With her tirade before the bailout vote on Monday, Pelosi cemented her image as the epitome of what ails Washington. It doesn’t matter whether Joe and Jane Voter saw the dozens of replays on FOX News. What does matter is that this is how Pelosi runs the House and keeps divisiveness at the fore. Compromise as an exercise in bullying rather than a consensus toward the greater good isn’t governance but schoolyard-style intimidation.

Kudos to Granju for breaking with the ranks. Both parties as well as the American public would be better served by a Speaker of the House who is more adept at herding cats than getting into hissing and spitting fights with them.

(H/T – Jennifer Rubin)

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