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McCain or Obama – Which candidate will deliver?

There have been a lot of promises and proposals made during this election cycle, some good, some questionable, some trivial. With less than a month to go, Senators McCain and Obama have probably made the bulk of their promises and proposals. Voters and pundits can examine them down to the most minute detail and decide which proposals have merit, are based in reality and will lead to a better future whatever that means to any individual. None of that matters though if the candidate making the promise will not also make it a reality.

Don’t waste your vote on a candidate who lacks the wherewithal to make your expectations come to fruition. Think about it. Will your candidate stand and deliver? Look to his history, character and trustworthiness for clues to his actions in the future. Will his campaign promises become a distant memory or a future reality? Will he lead or will he acquiesce to party leaders, special interest groups and Members of Congress? Despite all demands and invitations to do otherwise, will he represent the people who elected him?

If you remain undecided, consider this. Character and toughness are always important but never more so than during harsh times. What counts is who will deliver. That is the candidate who deserves your vote. Rhetoric is inspiring but results will determine our future.

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