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Boss Daley Claims Obama and Ayers are Friends

Chicago’s Mayor Daley attempted to make nothing of Barack Obama’s relationship with William Ayers back in August according to John Kass at the Chicago Tribune.

Obama says he was 8 years old when the bombs went off. But he was a grown man when he sought Ayers’ political blessing, and when they worked on the same education projects.

“They’re friends. So what?” Mayor Daley said in August.

From Daley, who should know the truth, that’s a flat-out admission that Obama and Ayers are friends. Not were friends back at the beginning of time or just neighbors who nod as they pass each other in their luxury cars but are friends or at least were in August, 2008. That was reported in the Chicago Tribune today. So much for Obama disassociating himself from Ayers.


Kass has more on Obama’s Chicago connections specifically crony Marilyn Katz, security chief for the radical Students for a Democratic Society during the 1960’s, who is currently raking in the bucks from the city of Chicago.

One friend of Obama and Ayers is former ’60s radical Marilyn Katz, now an Obama fundraiser, strategist and public relations maven…

Now, as Daley prepares to lay off more than 1,000 city workers, he’s given Katz and other public relations firms five-year contracts that could pay them as much as $5 million each for consulting, advertising and promotion.

There is more data in the Trib story but the interconnectedness of the players is remarkable. Mayor Daley’s father and William Ayers’ father were friends. William Ayers and Marilyn Katz were in the SDS together. Obama, Ayers, and Katz are friends. Katz is now an Obama fundraiser and strategist. Katz is on the Daley payroll and Daley is running interference for Obama.

Imagine how government will function under an Obama administration and what kind of scorecard it will take to keep track of all the players.


Don’t miss the must-read opinion piece at the D.C. Examiner titled “Guilty by Participation: Barack Obama’s radical associations and what they mean.”

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