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What ever happened to Al Gore and global warming?

The election has dominated the news for months pushing other issues to the back page. Amongst those getting short shrift is global warning and its media darling, Al Gore. Actually the former VP must be greatly relieved to be out of the spotlight now that his pet cause seems to have lost its direction. Lorne Gunter, at the National Post, writes…

For nearly 30 years, Professor Christy has been in charge of NASA’s eight weather satellites that take more than 300,000 temperature readings daily around the globe. In a paper co-written with Dr. Douglass, he concludes that while manmade emissions may be having a slight impact, “variations in global temperatures since 1978 cannot be attributed to carbon dioxide.”

There’s more…

Don Easterbrook, a geologist at Western Washington University, says, “It’s practically a slam dunk that we are in for about 30 years of global cooling,” as the sun enters a particularly inactive phase. His examination of warming and cooling trends over the past four centuries shows an “almost exact correlation” between climate fluctuations and solar energy received on Earth, while showing almost “no correlation at all with CO2.”

Climate change is happening but not necessarily global warming. Daily Tech reports on the 2008 growth of Alaskan glaciers and summer temperatures that were about 3 degrees lower than normal. Glaciologist Bruce Molnia remarks

At least years like this, however, might mark the beginning of another Little Ice Age.

Not only have Alaskan glaciers grown, Arctic sea ice has seen a massive increase while recent data indicate “Antarctica is on a long-term cooling trend.” Another fact that corroborates the climate cooling theory is that Brazil just had its coldest September in a century.

All of this points to man-made global warming as junk science and climate change as the natural order of things, something to which humans are merely spectators.

Bad news for big Al. Good news for the rest of the planet.

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3 thoughts on “What ever happened to Al Gore and global warming?

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  2. Unfortunately, I don’t think Al Gore is giving up. He’s set to speak at Harvard University later this week during their green festival or some baloney. And I’m sure he’ll take his private jet on over there just to turn around and campaign for a Democrat running for Senate out in Portland, Oregon. I can see blaming the Harvard trip on evangelizing global warming, but the trip to the west coast is completely unnecessary and only shows him to be a hypocrite of massive proportions.

  3. Thanks for the info on his current plans. Global warming has been an outrageously successful meal ticket for Gore and he does have to support that high-flying life style so no wonder he is continuing to ride that horse. He would be ruined if he didn’t. But then that makes this about him and NOT the planet. Oops!

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