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McCain Has Faced Longer Odds

Senator John McCain has faced longer odds as a POW than those he faces today. With the election still three days away many bloggers and of course the “fair and balanced” media have announced that he has already lost. Light a candle for him as well as the GOP, good people. Both are effectively history.

The funny thing about history is that by definition it can only relate to past events. There will be plenty of time for postmortems after Tuesday should McCain not prevail and, regardless of his success or failure, it is time for a GNP (Grand New Party). But that can wait until Wednesday. Until then there is work to be done.

“It ain’t over till it’s over.”

More: The Anchoress – America goes truly post-racial

And more: TIME/Mark Halperin – McCain Camp Memo on the State of the Race

And more: Power Line/John Hinderaker – The Fat Lady Is Still Warming Up

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