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About TigerMeg

In the last ten years Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians and Independents have all gotten my vote but essentially I am an issues-based voter who leans right of center. So much for labels.

Even when I abstain from voting for uninspiring and mediocre candidates, there are always ballot measures to get my interest. Unlike our Congress that seems unable to bring debate to the floor much less make a decision about legislation, I find a simple up or down vote a piece of cake. Of course, I have the luxury of letting conscience and good sense be my guides rather than the polls and the media to which legislators must acquiesce. Note voters are not first on that list and that is a sad comment in itself.

Writing about politics, politicians and current events will be the main foci of Tiger4Truth but not exclusively. Life would be boring without a little variety, so expect a few spicey peppers with the usual fare.

Your comments are always welcome and add enormously to the true value of a blog. Moderation will be minimal except when it comes to gratuitous insults and foul language. If you wouldn’t say it to your mom, don’t write it here. Thank you.



3 thoughts on “About TigerMeg

  1. Hi TigerMeg, check out my blog in the link above. In it I talk about economics and explore the bit about McCain labeling Obama a socialist. From what I’ve written I think you may like it.


  2. Thanks for the stopping by, OE. That’s quite a government and economics lesson you wrote. Just in case others might want to read it, here is a link. http://polewolf.blogspot.com/2008/10/inside-economics-when-mccain-labels.html

    I can relate to your antipathy to socialism. Education being what it is today, younger people may not have sufficient understanding to see the risks of Democratic Socialism or to appreciate the benefits of Capitalism. Your thoughtful piece makes the differences very clear. Thanks for putting together an explanation anyone can understand.

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