Obama rakes in foreign donations – FEC unconcerned

(Make your view known at Poll: Should the FEC and the MSM investigate Obama’s foreign donations before the election?)

Newsmax reported the questionable donations story on September 29th but it has to date gained little traction. The MSM can always ignore any inglorious story about Barack Obama so that is predictable. Maybe the new media was too preoccupied with the troubled economy and the VP debate to cover it. Now that we have a quiet weekend though, it’s time to take a hard look at something the Obama camp wants buried.

And then there are the overseas donations — at least, the ones that we know about.

The FEC has compiled a separate database of potentially questionable overseas donations that contains more than 11,500 contributions totaling $33.8 million. More than 520 listed their “state” as “IR,” often an abbreviation for Iran. Another 63 listed it as “UK,” the United Kingdom.

More than 1,400 of the overseas entries clearly were U.S. diplomats or military personnel, who gave an APO address overseas. Their total contributions came to just $201,680.

But others came from places as far afield as Abu Dhabi, Addis Ababa, Beijing, Fallujah, Florence, Italy, and a wide selection of towns and cities in France.

There’s more at The American Spectator in a piece by The Prowler called Obama’s Fishy $200 Million.

An auditor for the Federal Election Commission is attempting to have his bosses seek a formal investigation into the collection by the Obama for President campaign of more than $200 million in potentially illegal political donations, including millions of dollars of illegal, foreign donations, and has sought a request for assistance from the Department of Justice or Federal Bureau of Investigation. But the analyst’s requests have largely been ignored.

This looks like a juicy story but not one investigative reporter has tackled it. How hard can it be when a Google search turned up 297,000 results for the search terms “Obama foreign donations” in 0.42 seconds? The lack of coverage despite the wealth of data shouts “hot potato” loud and clear.

American Thinker’s Pamela Geller has written about the questionable donations since July 19th and has a comprehensive rundown at Atlas Shrugs.

So here an intrepid blogger finds a keg of dynamite of dirty dollar donations to Obama and what does the media do? They ignore it.


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Pelosi deserves a vote of “no confidence”

Pelosi’s vitriol was on full display yesterday. Before the vote on the behemoth bailout, she unloaded on anything and everything Republican. It was indeed awesome.

It does give one pause to wonder what could possibly be behind such a tirade especially when it appeared she’d gotten exactly what she wanted. The Dems would have enough Rep votes to easily lay any blame on the opposition should the bailout fail to deliver the economy from its slide toward a recession. In addition Dems in tough races were able to vote against the bill as their constituents wanted. So what would cause Pelosi to unload on the Republicans?

Guilt comes to mind first. Partisan Pelosi and her cronies are every bit as responsible for the current state of the economy as she would have you believe the Republicans are.

Then there is the fear she might in some way get blamed for the recession. She is after all committed to the “never take responsibility when you can blame someone else” theory of survival. Her tactics are lacking in sufficient finesse to carry that off with the independent voters but her loyal minions will accept the subterfuge.

Or maybe she felt it was a final opportunity before the Republicans became her partners in crime. Even in politics it is considered bad form to attack one’s partner at least overtly.

Whatever reason justified that destructive urge, hyperpartisanship and paranoia do not belong in Congress most especially in its leaders. Steny Hoyer would be so much better for the country during this time of uncertainty. Pelosi deserves a vote of “no confidence” and a demotion to back bencher. Of course, it won’t happen but it is satisfying to entertain the thought.

More: The Atlantic/Megan McArdle – The politics of the bill

And more: The Washington Times/Wesley Pruden – A job for the right woman

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Biden, Taxes and Patriotism

Joe Biden always was more of a gamble than Sarah Palin. His legendary track record with foot-in-mouth disease promised to make his candidacy entertaining and sure enough his remark this week about patriotism and taxes was perfect fodder for the McCain campaign.

Certainly there is room for individual acts of voluntary patriotism encouraged by government like the “buy bonds” and plant a victory garden pleas during WWII. At that time Americans could really contribute to the war effort and with the bonus of something in exchange, either return on investment or food on the table. Go team!

Biden on the other hand just wants people who have (done their jobs) to be forced to give to the government that hasn’t (done its job). Is this patriotic or idiotic?

More: The Anchoress: Dems run away/McCain shows leadership

And More: Commentary Magazine/John Podhoretz: Where Joe Biden’s ‘Patriotism’ Shtick Comes From

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More on the “McCain doesn’t use email” non-issue

Comment #4 to the “McCain’s injuries limit computer use” post claims “it’s a republican lie” and linked to HuffPo as proof. Then claimed McCain could “type an email on his blackberry.” Well, let’s take a look at how this plays out.

1. If it’s on HuffPo, that makes it questionable “data” at best. Consider the source.

2. Typing on a Blackberry can be slow and grueling for someone who has hand or arm problems. Senator McCain’s injuries may or may not “prohibit” use of such a tiny keyboard but it may not be worth the effort especially when he has supportive people around him who can do it faster and better.

3. What difference does it make whether or not he sends email? Is this relevant to being President of the United States?

4. Can Senator Obama really afford to alienate the 1 in 5 voters who are disabled and have found a true advocate in Governor Palin? Is he just writing them off?

This whole brouhaha just looks like a trumped up issue that has zero bearing on anything save to ridicule someone with a disability. The Obama camp showed poor judgment and supporters are trying to justify it. Dollars to doughnuts Senator Obama would like to see this non-issue die before it does him even more damage. But if the left wants to keep it alive, so be it. Tiger4Truth will be happy to oblige.

9/15/08 Update: Allahpundit posted a video today in which Obama spokesman, Bill Burton, admitted they knew McCain didn’t use a keyboard due to the effects of his war injuries. Kudos to Bill Hemmer who pressed the issue for nearly 2 1/2 minutes to get an answer.

So for Obama this attack is fair and ethical. Hey, just remember Obama people, what goes around comes around…

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