For Those Who Remain Undecided…

Scott Johnson and John Hinderaker offer “A closing argument for John McCain” at Power Line. It’s a good closing but not the strongest closing because it fails to make a pithy statement of the case for Senator McCain. Nevertheless, undecided voters should read it as it will remind them of who the man really is. However, there is more to take into account before punching that hole in your ballot and that is the matter of trust.

Candidates jockey about on their positions to suit the times and the sentiments of the voters. This is expected if not accepted. But overall do we trust a particular candidate to do the right thing, to be honest with us (at least to the degree that any politician can be honest), and to have our best interests at heart. Will he make the same choices we would or will he selfishly pursue his own agenda. Will he revel in his own intellect and power or be a man of integrity and humility. When he looks in the mirror does he see the same man we see. These are important things.

The candidate who passes my “important things” test is John McCain. We do not agree on all of the issues but on enough of them. He was not my first choice as the Republican nominee but to be fair neither was Barack Obama on the Democrat side. Regardless, I trust John McCain to do the right thing more consistently and that is the best anyone can do.

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