Biden’s last chance – Palin’s first step

Finally, the debate is over. Thankfully, neither VP candidate made a major gaffe, the sort that would be replayed ad infinitum.

Carrying forward in a time honored tradition, Senator Biden will function as Obama’s attack dog and Governor Palin will do the same for Senator McCain though in a more charming way. Both are capable politicians and will do what is expected.

There is a key difference though that became more and more obvious as the debate progressed. This is Biden’s last chance but Palin’s first step.

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Palin/Biden Sideshow

The VP debate is only a few hours away but in truth it is only a sideshow, a few no-cost hours of entertainment with  analysis from the pundit class thrown in as appetizer and dessert. Casting no slights at the candidates, when did anyone ever decide to vote for a president based on his running mate? Let’s get this over quickly, get back to the real issues at hand and place the spotlight back on the presidential candidates where it truly belongs.

Biden, Taxes and Patriotism

Joe Biden always was more of a gamble than Sarah Palin. His legendary track record with foot-in-mouth disease promised to make his candidacy entertaining and sure enough his remark this week about patriotism and taxes was perfect fodder for the McCain campaign.

Certainly there is room for individual acts of voluntary patriotism encouraged by government like the “buy bonds” and plant a victory garden pleas during WWII. At that time Americans could really contribute to the war effort and with the bonus of something in exchange, either return on investment or food on the table. Go team!

Biden on the other hand just wants people who have (done their jobs) to be forced to give to the government that hasn’t (done its job). Is this patriotic or idiotic?

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Palin and the Democrats’ Gender Dilemna

Wednesday night at RNC08 was an exciting high drama affair that must have given nearly the entire Republican party that old Chris Matthews tingly leg feeling. (Dear Chris, did you get another one though this time out of fear?)

Rudy Giuliani was at his attack-dog best. With both biting humor and the occasional flick of a rapier, Rudy set the stage well for the main event, the (will she or won’t she crash and burn) speech of Governor Sarah Palin.

She delivered the goods so well that even some of the fiercest “in the tank” media looked sick with shock. Governor Palin is the real deal and just might, just might turn the race on it’s ear.

That she can give as good as she gets is now known. But there’s more to winning than being able to take a punch. Does she have, does the party have, the strategy to vanquish the Obama (the messiah)/Biden (the insider) ticket?

Appropriately this quote about Senator Obama came from Governor Palin but it was part of the theme of other speakers most notably Mayor Giuliani.

“This is a man who can give an entire speech about the wars America is fighting and never use the word ‘victory’ except when he’s talking about his own campaign,” she said. “But when the cloud of rhetoric has passed, when the roar of the crowd fades away, when the stadium lights go out, and those Styrofoam Greek columns are hauled back to some studio lot — what exactly is our opponent’s plan? What does he actually seek to accomplish, after he’s done turning back the waters and healing the planet?”

So now the Republicans have a strategy and a lead attack-dog in Governor Palin flanked by Mayor Giuliani and others.

That the Obama/Biden campaign has a tough road ahead is patent. But what is unclear so far is how they can take up arms against a woman like Governor Palin without looking like misogynistic wife-beaters. Nicolas Sarkozy managed to pull it off against Socialist Ségolène Royal but that was in France and against an opponent who lacked acquaintance with hunter instincts.

Really. What’s a man to do?

If Obama can’t even handle the media and lefty bloggers…

…how would he handle the Presidency?

Senator Obama has said that the families of candidates should be off-limits. Senator Biden has said that we should “treat each other with common decency.” The media and lefty netizens have ignored their leaders entirely opting to spread rumors, innuendos and personal attacks at Governor Palin with glee and abandon. This does give one pause to wonder how effective the Democratic team would be if given the reins of power…

Obama/Biden is on par with Dukakis/Bentsen

Patrick Ruffini of The Next Right via Twitter says that Joe Biden is “the most uninspired Dem VP pick since Lloyd Bentsen.” Does that imply Barack Obama is another Michael Dukakis?

Even the always fair and balanced Chris Matthews of MSNBC floated the Obama/Dukakis comparison last night so you know it must be true. Poor Chris must’ve lost that tingly feeling and the choice of Biden isn’t likely to bring it back.