Conservatives in Hollywood

In recent weeks, the “black list” and things conservative in Hollywood have garnered an unusual amount of coverage. This is not about the McCarthy era hate-fest but the current state of affairs. The list is unofficial, of course, yet potent by all accounts and a sad statement of intolerance from people who should know better.

If the community would hope to advance society or improve the human condition, it must embrace a broader perspective. Squashing the opposition it has itself helped to create by its own prejudice, does not make for a healthy growth of ideas or even a healthy bottom line. Polls have shown repeatedly that America is a nation that holds right-of-center views. That is our comfort zone as is the need to be connected to those people, ideas and things with which we can find common ground. Who better to mine that common ground than the conservatives in Hollywood who already know the words, the ideas, even the gestures of the nation’s majority. Ostracize them and you do the same to a huge segment of your potential audience.

Offer Americans films that resonate and “people will come.”

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