Bye-bye Pelosi

The best thing Speaker Pelosi could do for her party is resign. The Democrats need a fall guy and a Pelosi resignation would go a long way toward reviving the party’s brand.

Consider the numbers if you don’t think the Dems are in trouble. First there is the dismal approval ratings (RCP average rarely even 20%) Congress has suffered under the Nancy Pelosi/Harry Reid leadership. Then there is the 8 point drop in the generic congressional poll. Don Surber has the Gallup and Real Clear results and sees a Speaker Boehner in our near future.

Well, that’s an optimistic view to be sure but a Steny Hoyer leadership might be an improvement both for the party and the country. Unfortunately, Pelosi lacks the altruism to make it so. This is one member of Congress who is all about the power but it does provide an opening for the opposition. Will the Republicans take advantage of that weakness? It could happen and wouldn’t that shake up the status quo!

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