Call Back Congress? #dontgo? Say what?

Despite all the rah-rah blog posts and growing number of online videos, there are currently only 29,705 signatures at Call Back Congress. Given the outrage over prices at the pump, the total ought to be twenty times that many. Are over 300 million Americans out on holiday just like House Democrats? Or is the scant coverage by the major news outlets keeping this movement from reaching its full potential?

True this issue paints the Democrats and especially Speaker Pelosi in the worst self-serving light. True it could make the shoe-in Dem landslide a tighter fit. But since Ms. Pelosi has volunteered to take the heat over her party’s failure to address this issue, the MSM is free to promote, er, report the petition and what is happening in Congress. Still near silence prevails.

However, should a few Democrats join the Republicans on the House floor, the MSM would finally see this issue as worthy of coverage. So heads up, Dems! Want some national press? Go back to D.C., show up Monday on the House floor and make some noise. The folks back home will call you a hero and vote accordingly come November. All for the price of plane fare, you can get the best bang for the buck in campaign coverage. More importantly you could prove that both sides really can come together to solve our energy issues and that would be a very, very good thing.