The MSM’s Headlong Slide Into Irrelevancy

Despite the MSM-Olbermann-Matthews-lefty blogosphere hissy fit, Sarah Palin is here to stay. Of course, the longer coverage is on the is-she-ready-to-lead issue the better for Republicans from the top of the ticket to the candidates running for Congress. Any Democrat whipped into a frenzy over McCain/Palin is on board the Dem wagon already but if the media want to alienate the undecided voters, hey, go right ahead with the current game plan since it’s working so well for you.

Is anyone else finding it challenging to find coverage of the real issues? Hint to the media: Sarah Palin is not THE issue or even AN issue. Energy, jobs and the economy, terrorism, border security, pork, the list goes on, are issues. The candidates probably cover many of these subjects daily in speeches, press releases, ads, and interviews but unless one is addicted to reading dozens of websites per day, it’s frigging hard to find out what the candidates are saying though it is easy to find out what the pundits are saying/spewing/regurgitating.

To complicate matters further, readers have to overcome media bias to get to the too oft-obscured facts. Life was a whole lot easier when you could read the local newspaper or the Sunday edition of the NY Times and get a fair sense of all the news. You know, back in the day when revenues weren’t declining and “We report-You decide” was the unspoken mantra of the press rather than just a slogan for a single outlet.

Frankly, reading the candidates’ websites would be a more accurate way to learn what each believes and would do if elected. What a sorry reflection on the state of the media that is!

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