Debunking Sarah Palin Rumors

It had to happen. A rumormonger left a “comment” early this morning that promoted every Sarah Palin “scandal” circulating the web. All a reader had to do was click through to his “site” via one of two links in the one sentence post. Given that, at least in part, Tiger4Truth is about finding the truth, the self-serving rumor-promoting comment has been deleted. Ah, the power of being both editor and publisher is awesome.

While sorting through the online flotsam and jetsam to see if anything could or would counter the rumors, several debunking posts turned up. The list below will get updated as additional, relevant posts come to light.

If you are looking for posts promoting the rumors, any search engine will spew them out so have at it. The online world is ready, willing and able to supply your needs.

Debunking Sarah Palin Rumors

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