Palin Email Hacked by Loony Left

The Anchoress has done an excellent job of putting together the basics on the hacker who spread Sarah Palin’s email contents around the web. She does raise an interesting question.

I wonder what Olbermann and Matthews and Mitchell and the rest will say about it?”


As expected the Left tried to put the spotlight on the possibility that Governor Palin used a private email account to conduct state business rather than on the actual criminal offense. Gloria Allred was the worst offender last night on FOX News’ On The Record. Greta Van Susteren just shook her head at Allred who loudly and insistently pushed her “concern” over the Governor’s possible misuse of the account (for which there is no evidence) rather than discuss the invasion of privacy crime.

Some people are so transparent it’s embarrassing to watch.

The perp ought to get the maximum sentence for his dirty deed but that brings up a related question. Are people who knowingly allowed the ill-gotten information to be posted on their websites in some fashion liable? In a way it seems tantamount to receiving stolen goods…

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