AP, Reuters Have Forgotten Their Roles

AP has forgotten its role in the news game as has Reuters. Today they WRITE the news rather than REPORT it. Reporting leaves no room for opinion unlike writing which is a creative endeavor. Journalists have become “writers” though just a few years ago they were called “reporters.” That is where the wire services and the media have gone astray and where truth became subservient to “The Story.”

Funny thing is that blurring the line between reporting and writing editorials has devalued both with the latter becoming shrill rather than reasoned just to stand out and attract attention. This has degraded content as well as broken trust with readers. Worse it has added to the divisiveness that permeates the public dialogue.

Journalists have fought for respect and credibility for a long time. Today they have less than ever. Is it any wonder?

More: National Journal Magazine/Stuart Taylor/9-20-2008: Campaign Lies, Media Double Standards

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