MSM Evolves Into NMM (Niche Market Media)

Kathleen made this comment to The MSM’s Headlong Slide into Irrelevancy post:

The public has always known to a point that mainstream media is biased, but I don’t think ever in history has it come out in this kind of blatant fashion.

The MSM has been in the tank for Obama from the get-go but to give credit where it is due, the media have been greatly enabled by the vitriolic blogosphere as well as celebrity endorsements. All that love and support just goes to the head and makes one feel invincible. Errors in judgment are bound to follow. Just ask any teenager or even former teenager on that score.

History may judge the press harshly for abandonment of principles or it may declare the current state an evolutionary step. Indeed, catering to a niche market may be the only way the MSM can survive. Call it NMM for Niche Market Media. That is our likely future.

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