More on the “McCain doesn’t use email” non-issue

Comment #4 to the “McCain’s injuries limit computer use” post claims “it’s a republican lie” and linked to HuffPo as proof. Then claimed McCain could “type an email on his blackberry.” Well, let’s take a look at how this plays out.

1. If it’s on HuffPo, that makes it questionable “data” at best. Consider the source.

2. Typing on a Blackberry can be slow and grueling for someone who has hand or arm problems. Senator McCain’s injuries may or may not “prohibit” use of such a tiny keyboard but it may not be worth the effort especially when he has supportive people around him who can do it faster and better.

3. What difference does it make whether or not he sends email? Is this relevant to being President of the United States?

4. Can Senator Obama really afford to alienate the 1 in 5 voters who are disabled and have found a true advocate in Governor Palin? Is he just writing them off?

This whole brouhaha just looks like a trumped up issue that has zero bearing on anything save to ridicule someone with a disability. The Obama camp showed poor judgment and supporters are trying to justify it. Dollars to doughnuts Senator Obama would like to see this non-issue die before it does him even more damage. But if the left wants to keep it alive, so be it. Tiger4Truth will be happy to oblige.

9/15/08 Update: Allahpundit posted a video today in which Obama spokesman, Bill Burton, admitted they knew McCain didn’t use a keyboard due to the effects of his war injuries. Kudos to Bill Hemmer who pressed the issue for nearly 2 1/2 minutes to get an answer.

So for Obama this attack is fair and ethical. Hey, just remember Obama people, what goes around comes around…

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