Media Bias Starts At The Top

This is a must read: “Media’s Presidential Bias and Decline,” a column by Michael S. Malone for ABC News. There is a lot of truth to what he writes but it misses how high in the industry the problem goes. In addition to the guilty editors Malone blames, publishers and boards of directors are also responsible for the media’s betrayal of the public trust. Without their awareness and consent if not approval, the media could not have pursued the agenda of promoting Obama’s candidacy.

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Sarah Palin and the apoplectic press

Governor Sarah Palin is sure to shake up the race but it is stunning how quickly the left has become apoplectic. Proof positive was mild-mannered moderate Mort Kondracke’s performance on Fox News “The Beltway Boys” this afternoon. He acted like he felt betrayed by Senator McCain’s choice of running mates. You would think the Republican candidate just lost Kondracke’s vote!

Be that as it may, Kondracke asserted that anyone who would have voted for Hillary Clinton is now lost to McCain specifically over the issue of abortion and only now that Palin is on the ticket. True, the Alaska governor is opposed to abortion but abortion just isn’t the deciding issue this time around except for those voters who would agree with Palin anyway.

Whether or not Palin can deliver independents and disaffected Hillary supporters remains to be seen. But Kondracke’s over-the-top performance just proved again how personal bias can make even mild-mannered reporters turn rabid. And, folks, it ain’t a pretty sight.