Obama Accepts Bogus Donos But Not McCain

With full coffers does Obama really need to accept donations from John Galt, Osama Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein and Bill Ayers? A Powerline reader reveals his “suspicious” credit card donations were accepted by the Obama campaign but not at McCain’s site.

Patrick Ruffini conducted his own test and discovered

The Obama campaign has turned its security settings for accepting online contributions down to the bare minimum — possibly to juice the numbers, and turning a blind eye towards the potential for fraud not just against the FEC, but against unsuspecting victims of credit card fraud.

Voter fraud (ACORN) and illegal donations should be a death knell for any campaign. But the ‘O’ faithful including the media are so mesmerized that they are willing to excuse such activities as either “no big deal” or Republican lies. This is surely a tainted election with unethical actions both accepted and excused. It is creating a culture of “the end justifies the means” along with making personal integrity a convenience rather than a creed.

Therein lies the real divide in this country, a difference in morals that transcends race, religion, and gender. The absence of leadership in this vital area means it must start at the bottom and work its way up. That leaves it to voters to demand better from the governing class or suffer the consequences.

More at CommentaryMagazine/Jennifer Rubin: Plenty To Worry About

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We are “One Nation”

The current financial situation is explained very well by Gordon Chang at Commentary.com in his post, “The Real Reason the World Financial System Is Collapsing.” He concludes with

Yet one thing is obvious: we’re not going to get where we need to be if we let the presidential candidates avoid the real issues by blaming the greed of Wall Street’s financial intermediaries.

Indeed. The list could be expanded to include Paulson, Cox, Reid, Pelosi and others. Any discussion would serve us all better if done in a non-partisan way. Blaming either the left or the right perverts the truth and that compounds the misunderstandings and the mistrust that permeate current political discourse. We are “ONE NATION.” McCain, Obama and the others have forgotten this fact and we are all the worse for it.

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Sarah Palin, the Associated Press and Accountability

Is the Associated Press trying to manufacture a controversy? John Hinderaker (PowerLineBlog.com) has uncovered the facts but at the crux is a single issue, an omission that slants the whole story titled “Palin supports $600 million ‘other’ bridge project.”

So what did Governor Palin do wrong? AP writer (Whatever happened to reporters?) Garance Burke makes his case in the third sentence.

A $600 million bridge and highway project to link Alaska’s largest city to Palin’s town of 7,000 residents is moving full speed ahead.”

Did the “Bridge to Nowhere” die while the “Bridge to Wasilla” lives? You’d think the good Governor was doing something unethical but according to Hinderaker

the proposed bridge would supply a more direct route to Anchorage from Fairbanks and other points north.”

Wasilla stands to benefit from the bridge but only because the proposed highway would go through the town. It is not a bridge to link Anchorage to Wasilla. If anything it is a bridge that links Anchorage to Fairbanks. Nowhere in the AP article is this fine point explained.

Such contrived reporting and the ensuing manipulation of public opinion have become all too common. This isn’t about Governor Palin, Senator McCain or even the election. It’s about integrity and accountability or lack thereof on the part of the AP and its staff.

Freedom of the press is one thing. Freedom to abuse the public’s trust it quite another.

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Cheated by Obama?

Despite all the promises and hoopla, no Veep announcement from Senator Obama and it’s already past 7PM. Does this man ever mean what he says? Rumor has it he’s milking the McCain/7 houses gaff before he shifts attention to his choice of a running mate. If true, two thumbs down for Obama.

Krauthammer, Georgia, and Czar Putin

Charles Krauthammer has suggested a plan should Czar Putin fail to live up to the terms of the cease-fire agreement with Georgia. His simple but elegant measures include

1. Suspend the NATO-Russia Council established in 2002 to help bring Russia closer to the West. Make clear that dissolution will follow suspension. The council gives Russia a seat at the NATO table. Message: Invading neighboring democracies forfeits the seat.

2. Bar Russian entry to the World Trade Organization.

3. Dissolve the G-8. Putin’s dictatorial presence long made it a farce but no one wanted to upset the bear by expelling it. No need to. The seven democracies simply withdraw. Then immediately announce the reconstitution of the original G-7.

4. Announce a U.S.-European boycott of the 2014 Winter Olympics at Sochi. To do otherwise would be obscene. Sochi is 15 miles from Abkhazia, the other Georgian province just invaded by Russia. The Games will become a riveting contest between the Russian, Belarusian and Jamaican bobsled teams.

There’s a lot to like here including the lack of military measures. Given how much Czar Putin must crave the world stage, implementing the above would be a blow he can survive though not soon forget and he does seem more than willing to go it alone. Unfortunately, the impact might not be as great as one would hope.

Still it could work but only with full participation of European countries that seem to have little stomach for medicinal measures. Time they realized that a spoonful now could avoid a full-blown cancer later.